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When it comes to protecting your website, there are many wordpress security plugins that you can install. However, not each of them is created equal. Some will allow you to protect your site’s content. However others will only protect the theme and layout and web development services. This gives you worthy plugins to protect our website

There are countless security plugins available in the market. The one thing that is common to all of them is that they work on the same principle of protecting a website from hackers and other kinds of cyber-criminals.

The best WordPress security plugins are those that offer multiple features at a reasonable price. in this blog, we will discuss some best security plugins that protect your website from hackers, identity theft, and other threats:

10 best WordPress security plugins

Sucuri plugin:

Sucuri is one of the most popular plugins for WordPress. This plugin comes with a free version but it has signed a version as well. Sucuri offers a wide range of options to check your website from their dashboard and also to fix any issues you might find on your site.


The main advantage of this plugin is that it provides you with 24/7 live support. So if you have any problem with your website, you can get help easily through their customer support team.


WP Security Scanner:

WP Security Scanner is another popular WordPress security plugin that offers some great features like

  • malware scanning
  • Vulnerability scanning


It works really fast when compared to other security plugins out there in the market today. You will not have to wait for hours or days. Before getting an answer from their support team regarding any issue that might be related to your website’s security issues or vulnerabilities

iThemes security pro:

IThemes security pro is one of the best WordPress security plugins that protect your website. This plugin is a multi-faceted solution to make your website secure. But it can also be used on any Word Press site. It has a lot of features that help you in securing your site, including

  • multifactor authentication
  • two-factor verification
  • anti-spam
  • subdomain blocking


It is very easy to use and also offers full service protection for malicious links and content

Jetpack security

Jetpack security is an excellent WordPress security plugin for your website. It protects your website from hackers and other malicious individuals. The plugin also contains many useful features that help you to improve the security of your site. Such as

  • Security audits
  • Themes for Security
  • Anti-phishing


It is provided by Automatic, among the most prominent WordPress companies. As well as backup and restore to ensure the security of your data. Even though it checks the backed-up version of your website, has no impact on the performance of your site during scans.

MalCare security

MalCare security plugin that protect our website from XSS and SQL Injection attacks. It’s not only a security plugin. An anti-RSS bot that can help us to detect spam emails and comments on our blog.


MalCare scans through its own servers, and it has no effect on the performance of your website. It provides one-click malware removal, making it simple to resolve issues. It also continues to include overall WordPress security hardening in addition to malware scanning.

Anti –Malware security:

This plugin includes actively maintained definitions that assist it in detecting the most common threats. To access the most recent definitions and gain access to premium features such as brute force prevention. You must first create a free account on the plugin’s website. The plugin also queries the developer‘s website for updated definitions.


It is a free plugin that monitors your site for malware, spam and bad content .It automatically updates its database of malicious files and replaces them with safe versions. This makes it easier to keep your website safe from malware.

Bulletproof security:

BulletProof is a WordPress security plugin for security purposes that doesn’t look particularly appealing. But it provides a few basic security features that are free, so it’s worth including on the list. It has some features such as Login security. When a user is locked out due to failed login attempts, an email is sent with security logs. It can Log out of idle sessions

Google Authenticator:

Google Authenticator is a plugin that generates a one-time code for your WordPress website using your smartphone. The code is then sent to the server, where it is compared with the code generated by the server. If they match, you’re in business.

Google Authenticator isn’t just another password manager, but rather a WordPress security plugin. It protects your website from brute-force attacks and phishing attempts. When you’re login into your Google account on your phone or browser, it will be delivered to the server when you make an online purchase or sign up for something.

Security ninja:

Security Ninja is a free plugin that protects your WordPress website. It is an easy-to-use security plugin with a simple interface. It allows you to quickly and easily enhance the security of your website. It includes many features that other security plugins don’t have. You can set up custom password protection and two-factor authentication for your WordPress website.

Final note:

When it comes to the WordPress security plugin, you have a ton of options. These 10 plugins are the cream of the crop, however. If you’re serious about wp-security, you need these tools in your arsenal.

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