10 Google Chrome Extensions for Developers In 2022


Study shows that Google Chrome is used by 60% of internet users. The majority of internet consumers use Google Chrome, thus web developers need to make sure their applications work properly with it. As a result, there is the following list of the Top 10 Chrome Extensions for Web Developers that might help you organize your tasks and increase productivity if you work with websites or are a web developer. All of these extensions were suggested so, make sure you don’t miss any of them.

Web Developer for Web Development

Web Developer is the first extension on this list. When installed, this extension creates a toolbar in your browser with a complete set of web development tools.

Developers and designers can both benefit from all of these technologies. There are ten different tabs for the tools. The idea for this extension came from PNH Developer Toolbar, according to Chris Pedrick, its creator.

Web Developer Features Include:

  • A single click will add outlines to elements.
  • Identifies damaged photos on a page
  • a large selection of easy-to-use tools
  • JavaScript, plugins, pop-ups, and notifications can all be turned off.

Developers can personalize the Web Developer Chrome add-on to suit their tastes.


Clockwork includes a set of PHP web development tools. This plugin simply gathers all the data using a server-side component. The PHP project will integrate this data.

It can be useful for troubleshooting and profiling PHP programs. Additionally, it will provide you with information about the tracing, variable values, and application runtime.

Clockwork’s Features Include:

  • Continuity across all PHP projects
  • First-class Support for Laravel and Lumen
  • Adaptation to generic or unique apps
  • Limited Symfony and Slim framework support

It is one of the greatest Chrome extensions. Also has a decent PHP debugging tool, making it ideal for debugging.

Daily. dev

Daily. dev. gathers news, blog posts, reviews, and tips from a variety of sources and presents them to you as a news aggregator.

You should give this product a try if you’re a web developer who wants to advance in your career and offers web development services to the public. You own and control the data because dev is 100% open source and private, which is interesting.

Daily. Dev Features Include:

  • The program is free.
  • Additionally, there is no registration required to use it.
  • It won’t make you more productive, but at least it will make your life simpler.

Daily. dev offers a different philosophy from other Chrome extensions for developers, which often function as productivity aids to make your work easier


Web Developers can use Wappalyzer to find out what back-end technologies a website uses. Among other things, it can recognize CMS, e-commerce platforms, web development environments, server software, and analytics programs.

Wappalyzer features include:

  • A quick way to access website technology stacks
  • Monitors the technological preferences of your competitors
  • Provides API Access Management and Extension Programming
  • Analytics in real time

Wappalyzer is a straightforward and approachable Chrome add-on. Additionally, it can instantly recognize the content and call of web pages.


WhatFont is the first option on our list, and it’s the best and most convenient Chrome extension for web developents who may need to identify typefaces used on other web pages. It is quick and efficient at identifying and works in a matter of seconds. A little pop-up box in the browser also allows you to specify the font, family, size, weight, and color.

It is a necessary addition. Imagine that you enjoy gathering examples of fantastic pages that you might want to recreate in the future. What font is also quite resource-efficient and lightweight.

WhatFont’s Features Include:

  • simple and convenient
  • Drag the cursor across the web page to select as many typefaces as you wish.
  • identifies the services that are used to serve the web fonts
  • supports the Google Font API and Type kit

WhatFont is a faster and more time-efficient extension than any other comparable ones that are currently offered.

Window Resizer

Window resizer, which has over 700,000 users, is on the list of the best Chrome extensions for web developents.

The tool will be used to test your design’s layout on various browser resolutions. You can adjust and configure your window’s width, preset icon, height, and location in this way.

Window Resizer Features Include:

  • The program is really easy to use and quite powerful.
  • Install it as a Chrome browser extension to utilize it.
  • Toggle the icon.
  • It will generate a drop-down menu with several commands on it.

You can choose from a variety of window sizes as well. Sizes like mobile, tablet, laptop, and desktop are among them. But don’t worry, the emulation is completely correct.


Chrome add-on Colorzilla allows you to read colors in your web browser from any angle. Therefore, as a web developer, you can rapidly change the chosen color and paste it as needed into your program.

Colorzilla Features Includes

  • a sophisticated eyedropper
  • a color picker
  • a gradient generator
  • access to recently chosen colors’ past color history

It includes a webpage color analyzer that looks at the colors of DOM elements on any web page and locates corresponding elements.

The cache will be useful for those who are frustrated with their modifications. This is the Best Chrome Extensions for Developers that assist you in clearing the browser’s cache.

When you install the plugin and click the recycle symbol in your browser, the cache will be cleared instantly.

Webpage Spellchecker

A fantastic tool for checking any webpage’s spelling is the webpage spellchecker. Put the extension in place and check your errors by using this extension.

You should check once you are on the page. Through the extension, you may turn on the spell check. All of the spelling mistakes on your page will be highlighted right away for you to see. Additionally, it provides options for saving preferences for particular websites.

The JsonView

Developers who frequently work with JSON files might find this extension useful. Viewing and validating JSON files will become significantly simpler as a result. If you prefer a visually appealing experience when viewing documents, the JsonViewer Chrome plugin has several themes available.

Final Thoughts

The Chrome extensions listed above are some of the most helpful ones available right now for web developers in 2022. Utilize them to improve workflow efficiency and streamline tasks.

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