How do we collect information from users or visitors?

We gather the following details about you:

  • Contact information you gave us when you signed up with us, including your name, email address, and phone number.
  • Find out about your interests based on your (age, gender, and occupation).
  • The information you provide to us when using our services and chatting with other members.
  • The content of all communications made by users to us directly or through the services, including messages left for us at the time of engagement for service-related support.

Monitor data from the device

The web browser, IP address, Time Zone, and cookies that are installed on your device are among the data we collect from it. In essence, these are the methods by which we gather data.

  • Exchange the data you’ve submitted with other users or directly send it to us through the Services.
  • Your ability to use our services and the kinds of material you view or interact with.

Information that you supply

We requested your data, demographic data, or details on your tastes or interests when you:

  • Information about registration
  • Register for our email newsletters.
  • Participate in polls or special offers.
  • Participate in social media accounts run by writers, publishers, or brands.
  • In addition, we gather volunteer data from the other areas of the website Including providing customer service and considering a job application.

Information obtained through a technology

When you visited the website, we unintentionally collected data from your device, including your web browser, IP address, cookies, and time zone. Additionally, we compile data about specific websites or items that you have visited or looked at.

Cookies are data files that are stored on your computer or device, and they frequently contain anonymous unique identifiers.

Personal information does not refer to a user’s bio; rather, it pertains to device and order information.

Use for your personal information: purpose!

We use device information like the IP address to improve the site and identify potential fraud and risk. Such instance a study that analyzes consumer behavior.

We don’t track people using the data.

We guarantee that we never alter website data and use it when there isn’t a tracking signal from your browser.


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