Useful & Cool WhatsApp Tricks You Need to Know


WhatsApp Tricks let you do the unconceivable with WhatsApp. These essential tips and less- known features make the each- time top ranking app indeed more useful & easy to use.

With around a couple of billion active druggies monthly, WhatsApp can correctly be regarded as one of the biggest messaging apps in the whole wide world. Part of its appeal is that it works on a wide array of operating systems and indeed on desktops and takes little to no trouble to set up and use.

Now, WhatsApp, like any other messaging app delights in constantly rolling out new features and tricks. This lets it better meet the changing requirements of druggies in a changing world.

WhatsApp also has a ton and a half of retired tricks and features that most folks don’t know of. These retired tricks and features once discovered and learned make it easier to use this messaging app to its fullest extent and also make it much further fun.

Moment, we will be listing 40 retired WhatsApp tricks, tips, and features we want you all to know about. Tune in and prosper!

Stylish WhatsApp Tricks and Tips

Like we said, there’s further than a ton and a half of WhatsApp tricks and tips, with further being regularly added as updates are released. As for retired features, there are relatively a lot of them and further are being regularly discovered as people keep on tinkering with their WhatsApp runner.

With that being the case, we will divide this composition into sections. This will help you each more grasp what we’re talking about then. The sections are as follows WhatsApp fountain tricks, WhatsApp textbook tricks, WhatsApp writing tricks, WhatsApp codifying tricks, and WhatsApp Hidden features. They will each be detailed in turn.

WhatsApp Font Tricks

Life gets boring at times, we get that. But why do n’t you make it more instigative and various? Negotiating this can frequently be as easy as ornament up your WhatsApp fountain. Yes, did you know you can change your WhatsApp textbook color, accentuate words, accentuate them, and make other words nearly dance with gaiety! Let’s educate you how!

Bold Text in WhatsApp

WhatsApp sports an bedded point that makes itsuper-easy to make words or rulings bold. You can conclude to make a textbook or word bold when you need to emphasize a point or simply want the communication philanthropist to get an idea of how important you suppose a word is to you. To bold a word, all you need to do is to place asterisks (*) ahead and after it.

For illustration, if your significant other is bemoaning how you’re attached to other people, you could shoot this kind of communication I love * only * you. When you do this, “ only” will be bold.

Italicize Text in WhatsApp

Making a textbook italic is as easy as making it bold. The process is important the same too, with an underscore (,) being added both ahead and after the textbook you want to accentuate.

For illustration, in the textbook Pride goes, before, a fall, the word ahead will come out in italics.

Strike- through Text

There are times when you might want to strike out a textbook. Simply deleting it isn’t enough, with a strike-through being far more dramatic. To enable a strike-through, all you have to do is add a tilde on either side of a word. For illustration, suppose you want to talk trash about the Nintendo Switch, you could shoot a communication to your WhatsApp contact that says The

Nintendo Wii

PSP is the stylish handheld of all eternity. And that’s it!

Monospace Text

Should you want to change your fountain from the dereliction to Monospace, you simply have to place three backticks on both sides of it. Like “ textbook “. Do note that you’ll have to do this with every textbook whose fountain you want to change to Monospace.

Combined Formatting

Formatting is one of the stylish WhatsApp tricks to make your communication stand out from the rest. Actually, it’s possible to combine multiple formatting options in a single judgment. That means a judgment can be bold, italicized, and more each at the same time. To do this you simply need to make sure that you enter specific formatting icons in the correct order, both in front of and at the end of the textbook.

Change Fountain Size in WhatsApp

Do you kind of detest the dereliction WhatsApp fountain size? Well, you can fluently change it in the WhatsApp settings menu. To make this be, simply open up your WhatsApp, click the three- fleck icon at the top right part of the screen, and elect Settings. Go to Chats, and click on Fountain Size. You can make textbook small, medium, or redundant large as your eyeball prefers.

Color Your WhatsApp Dispatches

By itself, WhatsApp doesn’t support textbook coloring, but that might change during some unborn update. Should you want your dispatches on WhatsApp to have further color and pizzazz, you can download an app called Blueward.

This app works inversely well on a variety of social media and has a wide range of features from textbook coloring to drastic fountain changes that will really make your textbooks stand out. Once you download and install this Google Play app, type a textbook in the handed area, click the Share icon on the lower right portion of the screen and partake your textbook with your WhatsApp connections.

And that’s all the tricks we could suppose off, folks! If you know commodity that needs to be then, why not drop us a communication?


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