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Are you thinking of giving cannabis based products a try? Is the myth surrounding the use of CBD based products getting in your way? Well, you have come to the right place. This article has a breakdown of all the insights into the nuances of CBD and medical marijuana. What they are, what benefits they have to offer, and how they are different from each other are going to be assessed here.

Read ahead to find out all that you need to know about CBD and medical marijuana, along with the most reliable place in Tennessee where hemp and CBD based products can be purchased from.

What is CBD?

Let’s have a look at what CBD is first. The Cannabis Sativa plant is rich in several chemicals, around 540 to be exact. Two of the most abundant ones are Cannabidiol i.e. CBD and Tetrahydrocannabinol i.e. THC. While THC is a psychoactive chemical that alters behavior and one’s mental state, CBD does not. This is because CBD is a non-active compound in the cannabis plant.

Several studies are being conducted on CBD and modern medicine. The benefits CBD has to offer are far reaching. According to the National Institutes of Health, CBD is known for its following benefits.


  • Reducing symptoms of nausea and IBS
  • Treating epilepsy
  • Alleviating chronic pain such as migraines
  • Reducing symptoms of anxiety and PTSD
  • Treating insomnia

What is Medical Marijuana?

Medical marijuana on the other hand is the same as recreational marijuana – however, it is used for medical purposes. It is commonly consumed in the form of edibles, oil, or even via smoking. In addition, medical marijuana is high in terms of THC. They also contain traces of CBD and can thus be used to treat nausea and symptoms of chronic pain.



Differences Between CBD and Medical Marijuana?

While CBD is a non psychoactive element that is only used to treat mental and physical ailments, medical marijuana seeks to provide the benefits of CBD along with the recreational thrill from the presence of THC. Medical marijuana, therefore, contains traces of both CBD and THC.

If you are looking for cannabis based products that do not induce a high and offer only medical benefits as listed earlier, then pure CBD based products such as edible gummies, topicals, oils, wax, and cream may be what you want to invest in. If you wish to have an enjoyable moment with your friends all while getting some benefit from CBD, then you can opt for medical marijuana. Both products are safe to use and have nil to zero side effects. Just be sure to purchase them from a reliable source.

Where To Find Premium Quality CBD Products?

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The Bottom Line

And there you have it, an insight into the world of CBD and medical marijuana. You can now decide on what products to invest in, and which would be best suited for your needs. While CBD and medical marijuana may have been confusing to wrap your head around earlier, this article may have surely cleared all those confusions away.

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