Foods You Need To Have To Boost Up Your Memory


Ghanaian highlife vocalist- musician Fam eye reveals that he nowise entered a peanuts from the GHS2.5 million sign-on Foods You Need To Have To Boost Up Your Memory deep pocket from his former record tag, OGB Music, as circulated in the media.

Foods that you eat are linked with your health. high calorie foods increase the danger of cardiovascular affections like heart attacks and cholesterol and added sugar input can make you diabetic, which are life hanging. Notwithstanding, there are foods that come with tons of health benefits that can make you feel damn good.


According to him, the sign on moneybags was used by the tag, headed by Ogidi Brown, to shoot music videotapes and other music- related expenditures and not for his privy use.

Speaking on the Entertainment Segment of Tv3 New Day, the award- winning artiste mentioned that yea though he has parted ways with his former record tag, they contributed to the shoot up of his music career.

Fish naturally contains nutrients like Omega-3 fats and vitamin D that are essential for boosting up your memory. Salmon, mackerel and sardines are numerous of the fishes that are rich in nutrients and should be consumed if you want sharp memory as they’re loaded with omega-3 fats and vitaminD.


Fameye stated that though he has parted ways with the former tag after paying an undisclosed quantity of deep pocket, fiscal proceeds from watercourses of some of his mill are conducted to his former headman.

He said he has decided not to fight over the power songs recorded under the former record tag for the sake of peace.

Blueberries have been blessed with antioxidants that are helpful for your memory.


He stated that some record markers perceive that artists autographed on their markers have nothing to offer due to the help rendered to them (artistes) to normally give them exposure and promote their music.

Rosemary flavoring is one of the foods that you must have as it prevents from variegated scars and is salutary against wicked troubles. The benefits include upgraded digestion; precluding from cancer, protection against macular degeneration and most importantly prevents brain aging and enhances memory and immersion power.


“ Head is plutocrat, and the record ticket is also bringing the physical plutocrat. So both of us are supposed to do business. But we make it look like record tickets or superintendents are rather helping artistes and the artistes have nothing to offer. While they’re bringing in the head and lots of energy onboard”.

There has always been a debate regarding coffee affecting health. Some people consider it bad for health while others just ignore the statements and enjoy the snorts. Coffee is caffeine, which can hand a short term boost in both memory and enthrallment plus it can ease the chance of cognitive decline as you age. It’s also important against Alzheimer’s ill, lowering the chances of getting affected to one of the most dangerous brain ill. Studies show that people who consume coffee have minor pitfall of developing the ill up to 65 percent than those who do not consume coffee. However, try drinking coffee and reduce the chances of Alzheimer’s affection, If you aren’t one of the coffee alcoholics.


“ There’s nothing else I can do apart from music. Yea if nothing listens to my music, I’ll nowise stop music,” he said.

Nuts are important food because they naturally supply nutrients essential for your body. According to study, nuts are rich in vitamins and vitamin E might help to preclude cognitive decline. You can have them on the go, especially almonds. There’s an old thesis about almonds that was rehearsed by people, they believed that almonds help whetting your brain and dates thereafter the thesis was actually proved right. You can keep almonds in your bags and have them at anytime you want. Nuts can boost up your memory


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