Universal Children’s Day; Let’s Aware About Our Duties for Our Children


Our Duties for Our Children whom are the soul of this earth now are being forced to spend their youth in a poor way. The word‘ poor’may describe all major issues poverty, ignorance, physical illness, warfare situations, sexual abuses, and other issues that victimize the children in different regions of the world. Due to these reasons how they could qualified to undergo the charm of‘ golden age of the life’.


It shouldn’t consider an ordinary day, because It’s the day when we’ve to decide what will be our future and exactly our future is nothing without our now’s children. The plan of the Universal Children’s Day is to promote transnational togetherness and note among children worldwide.

Note on Children’s Major Issues

Presently we will moot Some of Major Issues that tasted by the children world- universally.

Poverty and Children

Poverty is one of the Major Problem that strike vast regions of the world ( matching as Africa, Asia, South America, etc). Hundreds of issues begin from Poverty, but Poverty begins from Wars, Corruptions, Sadism of Richest Countries laid on poorest countries, and others. Coming to the point, multiplex of issues that embedded from Poverty like Hunger, Lacking of Health establishments, ignorance, etc; are poorly struck the Children round the World.

Hunger & Health Problems for Children

Hunger & Health Problems aren’t only Grown-ups face but also children are affected. Actually Hunger & Harmful Drinking Water produces hundred of ill among the children. United Nations Organization runs multiplex of theirSub-organizations to reduce these Global Problems like FAO, WFP, WHO, etc. While under the supervision of UN, an institute named United Nations International Children Emergency Fund or UNICEF simply works for Children and Answering Children Global Issues.

Wars or Conflict Zones and Children

Notwithstanding, the irrefutable answer would be the‘Wars’and either‘ Conflict Zones’, If we ask which thing is the mom of poverty. How hard & tough time those have whom are living in like niches and couldn’t good to emigrate to any safe zone. Everyone especially children whom lost everything that they hold; sometimes lost their Parents, enable to go School, get Injured, run Victims of inhuman- acts, and what not? And what they learn from these worse gests? It’s clearly called horrendous situation for both Children’ Unborn and World’s Peace.

Our Duties for Our Children

Lack of Learnedness rate among the children how ill for Our Future, everyone knows better. Children are illiterate availableness or lack of academies (in developing countries), or destruction of academies (in War & Conflict Zones), or forced to involved in child labor and leave academies (due to Poverty).

Children Abuse

Every while millions of children around the world turn victims of uncounted violence. These child abuses occurring in throughout the Children live either in Developed Countries, Developing Countries or Conflict Zones. They turn victims of those mentally-ill peoples whom get hunger by pornography and other spiteful pocket. Those memorable moments which could worsen the child’s entire life, So Should there not strictly banned those pocket that are play foundation task for occurring resembling spiteful incidents? It must be done.


It’s unnecessary to say that Universal Children’s Day is the day when we ought to understand our moral obligations for every one of our kids whom are endured by undesirable conditions. Youngsters are nowise carrying out any wrongdoing yet they forcedly fall into the viciousness of high specialists due to their narrow minded yearnings. Along these lines, it’s Our obligation that we should speak more loudly against all immediate or roaming bearing that vicious youngsters any place they live.


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