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Nutrition Facts and Benefits of Green Tea You Should Know


People normally use tea due to a number of reasons. Some drink it as a refreshment drink and others use it as it’s some kind of routine in their lives. In both cases, nonetheless, the adulthood of people normally prefer black tea to green tea.

The green tea, notwithstanding, has stunning nutrition data and multiplex health benefits than its counterpart. Hence, our reason for having it as our main point of discussion present.

Green Tea Nutrition Data

A significant portion of Asia, particularly China, India and Japan, have it as a common drinkable in their everyday lives. The Chinese, notwithstanding, were the initial druggies before spreading it to the rest of the world.

While not a lot of people realize it, both black and green coffee comes from the same mill, Camellia Sinensis. The difference between them comes during the miracle drug process, in which the leaves are fumed to forestall restlessness.

Following are some of the critical nutrition data of green tea that you should know

How legion Calories are in Green Tea

Well, when we speak of the calories in green tea, there’s no fixed content status. The quencher is further low-calorie or calorie-free as it depends with the other members added to upgrade the substance and taste.

With the usual “ bagged Green tea” that has a net weight of around 2 g, for specimen, there are 0 calories since it contains only the tea leaves. Notwithstanding, a bottled Snapple Green Tea ( let’s say17.5-0z) can have up to130.75 calories due to the contained sweeteners.

Is Green Tea Acidic

The acidic nature of green tea normally depends on the kind you ’re using and how you ’re using it. For a newly brewed green tea that has no added components, for case, the PH value is 7 ( neutral). Hence, really useful when you ’re in an alkaline diet as it ’ll help in annulling the acidic echelons in your body.

Also, the alkalinity of green tea can help ameliorate your digestion by making it smoother and healthier. So, really helpful after chow.

Is Green Tea Caffeinated

Well, in utmost cases people consider green tea as naturally caffeine-free. In the real sense, nonetheless, the tea does have caffeine but in a like low volume (25-50 milligrams per 8-ounce mug). It’s hard to state the exact volume contained as it generally depends on factors, including the variety of tree workshops and the growing condition.

The caffeine in the informal green tea is about ¼ the quantum contained in coffee and ½ the quantum in black tea. On top of the low caffeine standings, green tea has amino acid L-theanine that prop in neutralizing the side plunder of caffeine.

Should I Have Green Tea Before Bed

Hmm, according to probation, this fact is a bit complicated to say yes or no due to the presence of caffeine and amino acid theanine. With the rearmost, the intermixture helps boost relaxation and still sleep. The caffeine, on the other hand, is great in adding alertness and keeping someone awake.

To minimize the contradiction and guaranty an optimal balance of the two, it’s great you use your green tea about 2 hours before bed. After all, at this time your metabolism is at the minimum.


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