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Top 7 Most Searched Vloggers on Youtube


After Google, YouTube is the second-most popular and often viewed website. More than 2 billion active monthly users now call YouTube home. For many others, it has evolved into a way of life. Millennials like to utilize YouTube to watch online video material since it is so simple to do so.

Introduction to vlogging

In the last five years, the fad of vlogging, or video logging, has exploded. Simply said, vlogging is a trend that substitutes video blog entries for textual blog articles. Vlogging has recently evolved into a fantastic pastime for people of all ages. Despite being previously thought of as a trend for the younger generation.

Vlogging is a great tool for both individuals and corporations because it may be topic-based. Simply choose your specialty and begin recording. Making engaging videos and increasing subscribers on youtube can be considerably more challenging, while… Vlogging has a lot of advantages, and it may be a powerful tool for achieving any professional or personal goals you may have.


This post is for you if you’re seeking some of the top and most well-known creators. Here is a list of some of the most well-known and top vlogger on YouTube you may subscribe to.

Rachel Aust

Rachel Aust

Rachel Aust holds certifications as a dietitian, personal trainer, and wellness coach. She holds that being healthy goes beyond what you eat and how much you exercise. She believes that to be “really well,” you must change your perspective and create a space where you can develop.

Australian-born Rachel has a successful Instagram account, a website called EatRunLift. A blog with the same name, and a YouTube channel in addition to these other platforms. Additionally, she gives speeches all around Australia. She is the top vlogger on YouTube

Her subjects include fitness, lifestyle, beauty, and health in addition to the immensely famous Minimal Series. She regularly posts new YouTube videos on topics like vlogs, training, minimalism, and suggestions for healthy eating.



Felix Kjellberg, a Swedish video gamer living in the UK, has been running the PewDiePie YouTube channel since 2010. In terms of subscribers and popularity, he is the most top vlogger on YouTube. Even though he competed for this position with other well-known YouTubers, notably Smosh, he has since left the platform. He is mostly a gaming influencer, but he also enjoys branching out into comedic sketches, Vlogs. Since 2021, he has continued to hold the top spot.

Nayna Florence

Nayna Florence

The top vlogger on the YouTube channel Nayna Florence features a wide range of videos. These cover vlogs, eco-friendly clothing, student life, travel, and almost anything else. This proves that not everyone should specialize in a certain field, contrary to common wisdom.

On closer inspection, there are certain patterns in her videos. She certainly enjoys vlogging about various elements of her life.



This is one of YouTube’s most random, glitziest, and most captivating channels, having been launched in 2012. Jimmy Donaldson from the USA is well-known for his charitable acts. Such as giving away $1 million with just one minute to spend it. His viral challenges, such as devouring the largest piece of pizza in the world. These unique and fascinating videos are impossible to look at without becoming intrigued!

Ali Abdaal

Ali Abdaal

Junior physician Ali Abdaal practices in Cambridge, England. He began posting videos on YouTube in 2007 and is currently a junior physician in the UK’s National Health Service.

Additionally, he produces study aids, gadget reviews, and the occasional song-singing video with his buddies. He also publishes blog entries on his website and a weekly email newsletter. He is the owner of a tiny company called 6med that aids applicants to medical schools.

Felipe Neto

Felipe Neto

This Portuguese-Brazilian influencer and businessman are also a manager, YouTuber, actor, and writer, among other things. The first YouTube channel in Brazil to surpass 17M subscribers, he began on the platform by discussing movies and celebrities while always adding a critical and humorous spin. He now concentrates on general entertainment and provides a variety of content to his audience, including challenges, humor, vlogs, and gaming.


Amazing Phill

Amazing Phil is commonly referred to as Phil Lester. Phil is an English YouTuber and former radio host, much like his frequent partner Daniel Howell.

In March 2006, he published the aptly named Phil’s Video Blog, his first video blog entry.

Fans of Phil adore him because they think he’s nice and has a positive outlook on life. They think he can lift their spirits when they are dejected or depressed. When Dan and Phil collaborate to create videos, they both enjoy verbal sparring in particular.

The Rewards of Video Blogging

Vlogging is a great activity for both individuals and corporations because it has many advantages. So let’s look at some of the top professionals.

• Fame and wealth
• Bring More People to Your Website
• Obtain a Larger Audience
• Sell products; advertise your membership site, and more.


These are some of the most well-known YouTubers in the world who provide their viewers with lighthearted and amusing content. What are you still holding out for? Look through their channels to select your favorites.

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