Eight Ranching Apps Highly Recommended by Ranchers


Mindy Montgomery Reader of Lucas, KS, recently sent me an email seeking out some of the most popular ranching software. Montgomery transcribed, “I’m looking for an all-inclusive farm program that’s like-minded with Mac and also has a mobile application. I’m searching for employee management and management of crops and cattle and tracking customers for our Hay sales. I’m not sure about the current availability and at what cost.

After receiving her email, I advised readers from BEEF readers to contact me with the top applications they employ for their businesses. I’m not sure if we’ve discovered the right application for Montgomery, but here’s a list of eight cattlemen & cattle record keeping apps recommended for the men who were cattlemen.

1. Livestock and ICattleMgrPro are both available through the resources.

Are you able to run your business in the field with an iPhone? The two apps listed below are designed to help ranchers manage their operations in two steps from their phones.

2. the Record of Ranches by the University of Wyoming Extension and Wyoming Private Grazing Lands Team.

It is possible to use your smartphone to track the ranching activities. Take an expression at this video seminar. to appreciate how.

3. Soil Web was created in collaboration with CA Soil Resource Lab.

The description on iTunes for soil Web mentions “GPS-based access in real-time for USDA-NRCS soil surveys data that has been redesigned for the iPhone. It gives a visual overview of soil types connected to the iPhone’s current geographic location built on defined horizontal accuracy by the user.
Sketches of soil profiles can be directly linked with their description on the official soil series (OSD) website. Soil Series Names can be directly linked to their pages in soil Web it’s the Soil Supply Lab’s online soil survey, soil Web.”

4. Ravinder for Androids fashioned from Gerrit Van Dorn.

This is an online Doppler radar available done Google Maps that allows you to keep track of your weather. The application’s creator states, “When you start Ravinder, it will instantly concentrate on your location so that you can quickly determine the probability of rain coming toward your location. If you are pressing “search” on your mobile, you can now look up locations in the U.S.”

5. Handyman Calculator is available for Androids created by Kalyani.

This app assists you in preparing the construction projects you’re planning to complete on your farm. It will help reduce waste feeding and save time and money. It includes time-tracking software and computers to measure and convert. It has also been well-received by both the general public and homeowners.

6. Farmstead Logs by Agri Sight, Inc.

This app was extolled by as a unique method for farmers to manage their businesses better. It lets users monitor levels of rainfall, check the cost of their local grain region, track the farm’s activities, and more.

7. Farm Books is a product developed in the company of Sanders Software Consulting, Inc.

Based on the ideas that its founders came up with, “Farm Books makes accounting simple with tools that help you organize your financials. Perform tasks such as invoice, payroll, bill tracking, check writing, and inventory management.”

8. Hana Yakiniku.

The app is a bit bizarre. However, I found it fascinating to talk about and share. The Japanese iPhone application lets users scent meat right from their phones. The Hana Yakiniku, Japanese meaning ‘nose grill meat’, plugs into the iPhone headphone port and releases three distinct scents, including shorter ribs and beef tongue or potatoes with butter.

This app aims to highlight that eating steak in restaurants can be expensive. However, it is also possible to enjoy the aroma of delicious meat no matter what you’re eating, including less expensive options such as lettuce or rice. I’m thinking about enjoying the beef. Do you have any ideas? This is a comprehensive piece written by Iowa State University on evaluating the most efficient farm accounting software.

Which one of these have you tried? Did you have a positive experience with any of these apps? Do you have other apps you’d suggest? Please share your feelings by leaving a statement under. Thank you to everyone who assisted me in creating this list of applications.

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